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Fort Lauderdale Beach Wedding

The beaches of Florida have long been renowned as some of the most beautiful and romantic ones in the world, but not everyone has realized just how many opportunities there are at a beach. In particular, Fort Lauderdale is remembered by visitors for the sheer beauty that the place offers, and a Fort Lauderdale beach wedding is the ultimate way to combine the romance of a beautiful beach and the setting sun with an affordable wedding.

Many people, when they’re planning their Florida beach wedding, make the mistake of thinking that complexity and cost are the keys to creating the perfect experience. Quite simply, though, they’re not. What truly matters during a wedding is the emotion and the feelings, neither of which can be controlled just by getting more decorations or a larger event hall. Instead, you should be able to focus on each other.

What is it that makes the beach so romantic, though? For ages, the sunset has been considered one of the greatest times to be together with your loved one. Perhaps it’s the way that the normal sky we know turns a completely different color, with brilliant pastels reaching out to cover the land and tint everything with the warm colors of life. Perhaps it’s the way that a day on the beach can quickly turn into a warm, peaceful meal under the stars, soothed by the sound of the ocean and lit by a selection of gorgeous candles. Whatever the reasons may be, a well-timed beach wedding is one of the best possible ways to enjoy a wedding that’s actually romantic.

Beach weddings are also one of the most affordable ways to enjoy a ceremony, particularly since many more guests can fit outdoors than they can in a narrow event hall! For as little as $249 throughout more than half of the week, you and your spouse-to-be can enjoy a wedding where nature provides most of the important details. Professional photography packages are also available to help you capture each part of the ceremony, but every optional component put together still costs less than a wedding at most other locations. You don’t need to spend a fortune in order to have a beautiful, romantic wedding. With a Fort Lauderdale beach wedding, you won’t have to.

Finally, it really is worth re-examining the beautiful beach settings that Fort Lauderdale provides. The beaches in this part of Florida are widely recognized for being some of the most beautiful and pristine in the region. More importantly, however, the open space offers enough room to hold a ceremony without having others moving through and disrupting the events, which is something nobody wants to have happen. A wedding down on the beach also offers guests quick access to a variety of entertainments after the ceremony itself has ended, so whether you want to send them all on a quick ride or enjoy a longer reception with them, you’ll be able to enjoy the event of your dreams.

A Fort Lauderdale beach wedding is more than just a ceremony. It’s a true experience.


Beach Weddings in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale weddings on the beach are  the culmination of every woman’s ‘happy ever after’ dream. It’s a day where everything should be perfect and romantic. It’s fact that a wedding’s location sets up the mood not only for the couple but for the guests too. Every love story is unique and so should be the ceremony too! This is why Fort Lauderdale beach weddings are a hit when it comes to venues. Make your wedding dreams come true by having a Florida beach wedding.

Fort Lauderdale Beach Weddings, as a company, has long been recognized for the excellence of their romantic beach wedding ceremonies. As a “BEST OF” category as awarded by both TheKnot.com and WeddingWire.com brides and grooms. Fort Lauderdale Beach Weddings is proud of their level of attentive service. Whether your goal is an elegant,  affordable, or a Pre Cruise Ft Lauderdale wedding on the beach; you will want tell Charles Gilbride, Wedding Officiant about your plans and goals for the most important and happiest day of your life, Your Wedding Day.

Fort Lauderdale Beach Wedding

God created this magnificent Bridal Arch

Fort Lauderdale has been famous for its pristine beaches and exquisite settings perfect for unforgettable weddings. Whether you’re planning for an intimate wedding or a lavish one, you’ll be having a wonderful time choosing among viable and plausible options from exotic ceremony locations to honeymoon escapades. You and your guests will definitely enjoy a variety of activities such as sailing, daytrips, foodtrips, cruises, and fishing. This is why Fort Lauderdale has been known as the Venice of America. Turn your weddings dreams into a reality and cherish it forever.

A Fort Lauderdale Beach Wedding, A Miami Beach Wedding or A Palm Beach Wedding are all Beautiful, Romantic and Affordable. Explore the possibilities and give us a call. We’ll be delighted to talk to you about your hopes and dreams for YOUR MOST IMPORTANT DATE!

In addition to Beach Weddings, we also offer Hotel Weddings – Home Weddings – Resort Weddings and Yacht Weddings!

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What Could Be More Romantic?
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Fort Lauderdale Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding


Monday to Thursday: $269-

Friday and Sunday : $289-

Saturday before 2PM $299

Saturday after 2PM $399


Add Professional Digital Photography Package

Only $279 Monday to Thursday

Only $299 Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The flowers, the cake and the beautiful decorations will all be gone in a few hours but your photographs will last forever.

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Fort Lauderdale Beach Wedding

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Thank you again, Many Blessings. Mr. & Mrs. Rivera
**Note: Saturday Beach Weddings after 2PM are billed at $395 base (plus $289 for photography if desired)



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