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Are you looking forward to a romantic cruise to celebrate your honeymoon? Why not bring the wedding to the sparkling, sun drenched beaches of Fort Lauderdale and celebrate your marriage your way before you depart on your cruise! Ship board wedding packages are expensive, cookie-cutter events, and weddings are an afterthought for a big cruise line. Enjoy your PRE CRUISE WEDDING and Skip all the rush, the long boarding lines, the confusion, and the headaches that come with an on-board wedding. Enjoy your special day at your own pace, not as a timed event, when you book a pre-cruise wedding in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Imagine sharing this most special day with your partner enjoying the warm beach sand, the sunlight sparkling off the ocean, and the sound of gentle waves rolling in the background while you declare your love for one another. Now imagine your wedding aboard a cruise ship preparing for departure, loudspeaker announcements, other travelers all out exploring every part of the ship, lines and lines of people everywhere, and an incredibly tight timeframe. Doesn’t seem very special at all does it! With an on-board cruise ship wedding you are at the mercy of the ship and its crew, but when you book a pre-cruise wedding you are free to enjoy your time in the sunshine and on the exquisite beaches, not locked away in a mid-ship chapel.
Fort Lauderdale Beach Wedding

Mother Nature created this magnificent Wedding Arch


Pre-cruise Wedding Packages

Starting as low as $279 and include a keepsake marriage certificate and a copy of your wedding vows so you can forever remember the promises you made to one another. You can even add a professional digital photography package to make sure that you will have more than just memories that will last a lifetime. Photography packages start at just $279! Compare that with big name cruise ships whose wedding packages can start at over $1500! In addition to these already high costs, many cruises charge a steep fee for “marriage license” procurement. When you choose to book a pre-cruise wedding all you need to pay for is the license itself! No procurement fees, no handling fees, no hidden charges. With all the money you save choosing a pre-cruise wedding over an on-board ceremony, many couples opt to arrive in Fort Lauderdale a day early to relax and enjoy the beautiful, warm sand beaches of south Florida.

Imagine the memories you will share of exchanging your vows in the sunshine next the ocean and the stunning photographs you can have to capture the special moment. Now imagine the same scene but in the windowless room of a cruise ship chapel and lounge. A pre-cruise wedding offers you beautiful scenery, a relaxed atmosphere, and memories that you and your soon-to-be-spouse won’t soon forget! Who can really take in the amazing feeling of a brand new marriage in the short, rushed hour that an on-board wedding allots for your reception time? Instead relish the time spent with family and friends, or simply with your new spouse, without feeling hurried or pressured.

YOUR pre-cruise wedding is the perfect alternative the tense, rushed, cookie-cutter style wedding you get with an on-board ceremony. Take the opportunity to make the most out of your visit to Fort Lauderdale and spend your wedding day taking in the sunshine and enjoying the pristine ocean and beaches Florida has to offer.   Fort Lauderdale beach Weddings, Fort Lauderdale Beach Wedding, Fort Lauderdale Wedding, Fort Lauderdale Weddings, Miami Beach Weddings, Miami Beach Wedding


Monday to Thursday: $279 –

Friday and Sunday : $289-

Saturday before 2PM $299-

Saturday after 2PM  $399-

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Add Professional Digital Photography Package

Only $279 Monday to Thursday

Only $299 Friday, Saturday and Sunday & Holidays.

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Pre Cruise Wedding

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